martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

the marimonda

The list is almost endless costume of the imagination of Barranquilla for Carnival. One of the most representative costumes marimonda is the unique set of the wit Barranquilla, because the rest are of European or African. Was born when a Barranquilla, having no money to dress, came dressed with a bag, tie and trousers old, put upside down and, as a mask, a sack of flour which opened three holes, to mock the rest fellow citizens. It also is said to be a mockery of corrupt state officials. The costume actually consists of trousers, long sleeve shirt, tie, sweater or vest, and a mask made ​​with a kind of cloth bag with three holes, lined with fabric tubes filled with a long nose, like a member virile, and ears like those of elephants, with colored shapes. This costume should always be accompanied by a whistle, rubber, known as "pea pea", which serves to express intemperate sound waste and the joy that is disguised as marimonda. Well known is the saying Barranquilla: "It is nothing but the disguise of marimonda the jumps you have to give. " Some of the characters and traditional costumes and are representative of the Barranquilla Carnival

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