lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

world's natural disasters

The effects of a disaster can be amplified due to poor planning of human settlements, lack of safety measures, emergency plans and warning systems and man becomes a bit fuzzy.

To the institutional capacity to reduce disaster risk group, they can trigger other events that will reduce the chance of surviving it because of gaps in planning and security measures. A classic example is earthquakes, collapsing buildings and houses, leaving people trapped in the rubble and broken gas pipes can ignite and burn casualties under the rubble.

Human activity in areas with high probability of natural disasters is known as high risk. High-risk areas without instrumentation and appropriate measures to respond to natural disasters or reduce their negative effects are known as areas of high vulnerability.

Natural disasters

Natural phenomena such as rain, earthquakes, hurricanes or wind, they become disasters when they exceed a limit of normal (threshold, in English), usually measured through a parameter. This varies depending on the type of phenomenon Seismic Moment Magnitude (Mw) (Richter scale for earthquakes, Saphir-Simpson scale for hurricanes, etc.).

Disasters are caused by human activities that alter the normal environment. Some of these are: environmental pollution, erroneous and irrational exploitation of renewable natural resources such as forests and soil and non-renewable such as minerals, building houses and buildings in high risk areas.

disasters of humanity

The wind, waves and all the natural dynamics show the complex interplay between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Much of this dynamic are to humans almost imperceptible, such as erosion and sedimentation caused by wind, rivers, glaciers, and so on. However, there are times when behavior becomes violent natural elements, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, putting at risk the companies, assets and activities.

An earthquake, hurricane or other extreme event of nature becomes a disaster or disaster when loss of life or economic causes. That is, is called "Natural Disaster"only when the social or economic problem is triggered by a freak of nature. Golden Loe says "... a potential danger becomes a disaster if it occurs where people live. "

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

carnival history:

Barranquilla Carnival 'is the largest and most important festival of Barranquilla, the most festive and colorful Colombia, besides being one of the most recognized in the world. More than a million and half people, visitors and Barranquilla participate in the party. It takes place from Saturday through Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, usually in February and sometimes early March. Has a tradition of over a hundred years. The carnival season begins the second Saturday of January, when public holidays begin and festivities, however, other activities directly related to the carnival happen during much of the year


we just show our costumes and all that live in our culture the Carnival of Barranquilla is an experience that any citizen may know, star and thoroughly enjoy all the time and season, opening this April 7, one of the projects of greater social and cultural significance of the Carnival of Barranquilla Foundation


Here we show our folk that date is the carnival of Barranquilla, here are different dances, parades, etc.
live here are healthy this holiday, all people are cordially invited to live and feel our parties as we feel each and every one of Barranquilla.

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Battle of Flowers

The first day of Carnival, the boxes are placed along the Cumbiódromo and the street is closed to allow the passage of carriages and alluding to the "Battle of the Flowers. " The parade is chaired by the Queen's carriage, dancing and throwing flowers to the audience, while a large troupe of princes and princesses accompany walk while encouraging.Also taking part are other coaches, more than 140 parades, dances, traditional costumes and allegorical characters of the time, including highlighting the "Marimonda, hooded with very long noses, the" gigantonas "dancing on stilts, the" dwarf big heads, with huge masks, "Shakira" and the classic "Cantinflas".

The monocuco

"The monocuco"is the costume of the guy who wanted to hide his identity. Local folklore says that the time was a village Barranquilla, rich men attracted by the beauty of women of short resources devised the guise of "monocuco"to conquer without revealing their identity. The figure was assembled from a stick to threaten those who would like approach to recognize it.

At present, the "monocuco" is a costume that is unique and its colors, a mask and muzzle, allowing the wearer to hide his mouth.

The Congo

The Congo is one of the oldest Carnival costumes. According to the study the researcher Carlos Franco Medina, the dress is typical of a war dance originally from the Congo in Africa. Colombia is known through the councils of the black Africans were held in Cartagena.

The standard is satin trousers and has patches on the knees, which are in tabular form, the boot pants end up on washers uneven color, the sides have ribbons and sequins. The shirt is long sleeves, with breast of the same fabric layer, which are decorated with pictures of animals made ​​with sequins.

the bull

La comparsa Torito Carnival is one of the areas of action of Barranquilla Cultural Corporation, which pays homage to the mask logo Carnaval de Barranquilla (the bull) declared a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. We invite you to make part of our big parade, we are category A, the best of the carnival. I hope

the marimonda

The list is almost endless costume of the imagination of Barranquilla for Carnival. One of the most representative costumes marimonda is the unique set of the wit Barranquilla, because the rest are of European or African. Was born when a Barranquilla, having no money to dress, came dressed with a bag, tie and trousers old, put upside down and, as a mask, a sack of flour which opened three holes, to mock the rest fellow citizens. It also is said to be a mockery of corrupt state officials. The costume actually consists of trousers, long sleeve shirt, tie, sweater or vest, and a mask made ​​with a kind of cloth bag with three holes, lined with fabric tubes filled with a long nose, like a member virile, and ears like those of elephants, with colored shapes. This costume should always be accompanied by a whistle, rubber, known as "pea pea", which serves to express intemperate sound waste and the joy that is disguised as marimonda. Well known is the saying Barranquilla: "It is nothing but the disguise of marimonda the jumps you have to give. " Some of the characters and traditional costumes and are representative of the Barranquilla Carnival

Carnival history

The Carnival of Barranquilla has its remote origins in the carnival that came to America from Spain. So he has a spirit of renewal and change similar to that inspired this holiday season in Europe
The first carnival held in the city is lost in history, more than a century ago, when Barrie was a small town
. The carnival of European origin, were introduced to America by the Spanish and Portuguese. The history of Barranquilla have come to the conclusion that was made in Cartagena de Indias, in colonial times as slaves party, by that time appeared on the streets black with traditional instruments and special costumes, dancing and singing. In the second half of the nineteenth century, Barranquilla increased all sectors of its economy and exploited the geographical conditions that were beginning to put as main city in the Caribbean region. "The advantage of being at the mouth of the main waterway of Colombia, the Magdalena River, the port allows for river and sea, and its location in northern Colombia and in the area circum allows economic displacement Cartagena, Mompox, Santa Marta and the Bank, and many of its inhabitants who are coming to participate in prosperity Barranquilla "